Preparing Your Child for the First Day in School

Preparing Your Child for the First Day in School

Sending your child to school for the first time is probably one of the most emotional moments in a parent’s life. It will be a moment that sees the entire panorama of emotions ranging from proud to anxious. So far, the child would have been in your hawk-sight and now being away from it, even for three hours may not be a pleasant change. But, time flies and before you realize, you will get used to the new routine and hearing about how their day went.

If you are the worried parent of a child getting ready to face the real world, then here are some handy tips:

Choose the right school

The preschool lays the foundation for all that your child is going to be. All his learnings and studies will depend on the quality of education he/she receives in preschool. So, makes sure that you have chosen the right school for your child. Get a list of preschools in Mumbai and thoroughly research for the best school. Take special note of your child preferences and requirements. Make sure that your child will be comfortable in the preschool. The locality, proximity, teachers, quality of learning and the infrastructure play the main role in deciding the preschool.Other factors like the popularity of the school or its fees are redundant and can never be a good measure of the quality of education that your child will receive.

Talk to your child

Let your child know that he/she will be going to school a few weeks prior to when they begin school. Build a positive picture about school and learning. Make sure that your child becomes interested in the fact that he has to go to school. You should also ask the child about his fears, concerns and worries regarding school and console him in the right way.

Visit the school

Before your child is admitted to a school you must visit the place once or twice with your child to help them recognize the place. The child must be able to recognize the place when finally he/she has to start school. Walk around the school, show the classrooms, and introduce your kid to the teachers and other classmates. If your child makes some friends, that would be an excellent beginning.

Create excitement

Buy new clothes, books and bags for your child as he/she starts school. Make everything thing sound exciting and fun. The child should be excited to start school. They should feel that this is something exciting and something to look forward to. If you make it sound like something compulsory, boring or drab, then they will probably give you a lot of trouble before getting used to school. Tell your child about your school and the fun you had in learning things and studying. The child must feel positive about the whole experience.

Starting school can be a tough time for your child. The child would have been familiar with the home and may have certain reservations when he/she has to go to a strange place and meet unfamiliar people. He/she may throw tantrums, cry and create a scene.

You must handle this in a dignified manner and never once regret your decision to put the child into a school. The best playschools in Mumbai will help you handle the issue better way and make your child comfortable in the new place.

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