How to Make a Career Move in Data Science?

How to Make a Career Move in Data Science?

It has been a couple of years since Data Scientist was claimed to be the ‘sexiest job’. The pay hike attained by Data scientists around the world somewhat backs this notion. In spite of this the Indian youth seems to still a little shaky when it comes to pursuing data science as a career. India is producing an ample number of data analysts but very few of them are taking it to the next level – advanced analytics. It takes a bit of effort to be fully aware of the step by step procedure to build yourself up as a data science professional.

First question that arises is what makes you eligible for becoming a data science professional? Technically if you are a graduate with quantitative background – graduated with Maths or Statistics or hold a master’s degree in these disciplines you are eligible. Having an engineering degree in computer science also makes you eligible. Apart from these any Graduate or Master’s degree holder with the cognitive ability strong enough to adapt to a quantitative discipline is considered eligible. The innate quality of being a fast leaner, imaginative prowess and tenacity are also needed to succeed in this discipline.

India, like always has become a place to where a lot of companies outsource their analytics talent. A lot of fresh candidates as well as experienced professionals are undergoing data science course in India. But the number of successful data scientists hailing from India is not as high as in other disciplines. Various factions of data science are introduced by universities in various disciplines of study. But quite traditionally the university courses often fail to make the candidates prepared for the industry. This is where the various autonomous data science courses in India come into play.

You can gain expertise in data science by studying one or more of a certain number of tools. You can get an idea of how data science operates in the industry with the help of the internet or from someone who is involved with the industry.

Next step should be finding a suitable subject matter that you can study. An ideal data science training program should help you by giving you an exposure to the various subjects and show you the best possible path way.

You can start by leaning programming languages like R or Python or get a grasp of various SAS tools. Gradually if you are capable enough that is if you find yourself in a comfortable position, you can go on to learn machine learning or statistical analysis which are considered to be the pillars of modern advance analytics.

You need to find an excellent data science course in India that provides you with adequate practical and theoretical training. It should give you an exposure to the industry and prepare you for the fast evolving yet enormously rewarding field of data science.

There is a severe scarcity of skilled data science professionals. This can bar the growth of global as well as Indian industry. Become a skilled data science professional to open up the doors of opportunity.

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