Most Common Vacuuming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Vacuuming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Vacuum cleaner is an indispensable part of modern lives. Thanks to this handy device, the boring and tiring task of cleaning your house have become a lot easier. When used properly, the vacuum cleaner can take care of all the cleaning chores and provide you some free time to spend on other important tasks. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to make the most of their vacuum cleaners. As a result, they often feel frustrated with the device. Below, I will share the top 5 vacuuming mistakes you should avoid.

Not Cleaning the Bag

Most vacuum cleaners are equipped with a bag to collect the dirt. And most people empty the bag only when it is full with dirt. But this is not the smartest approach. Rather, you should empty the bag when it is about two-third filled up. Some vacuum cleaners do have an indicator light for this stage. If not, you should check it manually. Doing this will keep the suction strength of your vacuum at its maximum. For the bagless models, you should check out the dust cap.

Keeping a Dirty Filter

With continuous use, the filter of your vacuum cleaner will definitely become dirty. And if you don’t clean it regularly, it will allow more allergens to be in the house. While the filter doesn’t need as much cleaning as the bag, still you need to keep a close eye. Whenever the filter shows any sign of wear and tear,  becomes very dirty or clogged, you should clean or replace it. If you have a HEPA filter, you should change it every 6 months.

Avoiding the Attachments

In most cases, the best vacuum cleaners are provided with different types of accessories like crevice tools, dusting brushes etc. While most people use the actual cleaner regularly, the accessories remain boxed. But these things can be very useful in cleaning the parts which your cleaner can’t access. Locations like the lamp sheds, baseboards, upholstery are often overlooked. The vacuum cleaner accessories are perfect tools for cleaning these places.

Rewinding the Cord in the Wrong Way

Compared to the older vacuum cleaners, the newer ones are provided with more advanced features. Automatic rewinding of the retractable cord is one such feature. With this feature, your cleaner can automatically fold the cord into its place. While doing this, you shouldn’t just press on the rewind button and assume that everything will be okay. If the cord gets off track, your vacuum will not function and you have to get it repaired. To avoid this situation, you should hold the cord in your hand and make sure it is not getting clogged up.

Final Words

Tools like vacuum cleaner are integral to modern life. The proper utilization of these tools ensures a more convenient life for you. And the tips provided above will help you to utilize your vacuum cleaner in a more efficient way.

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