5 Tasty Cakes of Winter That You Can Easily Make at Home

5 Tasty Cakes of Winter That You Can Easily Make at Home

Let me tell you that I am a big fan of winter cakes, especially of chocolate cakes and cupcakes. I do not need any special occasion to make a cake! Sometimes I cook just a simple cake for a tasty treat with my family. Nevertheless, most of the times, I crave something extreme, for an example a vanilla cake with luscious layers of jam and butterscotch.

With the arrival of the winter season, the market gets ready for numerous types of Christmas cakes, New Year cakes and Valentine Day cakes for you. However, I prefer homemade cakes upon them as they can be prepared more delicious and healthy! Here are five of favorites:

60-second chocolate cake

This is a quick recipe for a marvelous chocolate cake. There is nothing like this quick chocolate cake that can satisfy your winter chocolate cravings.

Cupcakes with sea salt buttercream

I insist you should try the cupcakes too. A chocolate cupcake is easy to make at home. You can improve it by stuffing your cupcake with Nutella and wrapping buttercream on the top of the cake.

Caramel chocolate cake

You can make a yummy chocolate cake, serve every serving topped with caramel.


Layers of dark chocolates on a chocolate cake

This is the best preparation to please your kids. On any kids party, you can serve your chocolate cupcakes with extra layers of melted dark chocolates on it.

Gluten-free chocolate quinoa cake

If you are going on a gluten-free diet, then this is a perfect one for your sweet tooth. Quinoa makes your cake moist from the inside.

Caramel filled cupcakes with chocolate frosting

When you prepare your chocolate cupcakes, fill them with caramels. With a chocolate frosting, it just becomes a creamy caramel.

Flourless chocolate cake

Lacking flour can make your cake dense! Serve a layered chocolate cake to rock your dinner party.

Chocolate bundt cake

This can be the best chocolate dessert you best desire on a cold evening. Make it rich in chocolate with a chocolate glaze.

All the cakes I mentioned above are just mini-cakes! Go for your crave right now!

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